Originally made in Thailand, Rolled Ice Cream is slowly becoming a very popular concept in the United States and it’s for great reason. It is the best, most natural way to create the FRESHEST ice cream in under 2 minutes! Using a cold plate that stays at about -30 degrees, we pour our homemade cream base onto the plate to freeze and solidify right in front of you. As our base freezes, we add in your choice of fresh fruits, drizzles and many other dessert options. At Café Glace, we have perfected our cream base to ensure that every customer gets THE creamiest rolls of ice cream they have ever tasted! All while avoiding the use of preservatives, stabilizers or any other yucky chemicals.


Every single one of our House Flavors are made with the REAL thing. Our fruit flavors only contain fresh fruit. No syrups. No dyes. All natural! Our S’mores Rolls are made with marshmallows that are roasted right in front of you. We offer a variety of flavors and will soon offer non dairy options, not to mention UNLIMITED TOPPINGS!


Every order is as unique as our customers, and making the ice cream in front of our customers allows us to put on a great show while creating a fun environment for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention, how great it is to have the ability to see exactly what’s going in your rolls! Ice cream made ESPECIALLY for you! We take all allergies very seriously and clean with precaution so please inform us at the time of your order.